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If you would like to talk to me about my employment history (or future!), please email me at or give me a call on 0413 248 123. A PDF of the full resume and referee list is available by request.

Academic Qualifications

2015-present PhD by Research Candidate at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) (part-time)

Title ‘A Good Fit: Health-Oriented Size Acceptance in Australian Dietetic Practice’

2012-2015 Commenced Masters by Research at QUT (part-time)

2004-2007 Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition and Dietetics)(Hons 2A)

Queensland University of Technology, G.P.A: 5.958

1996-1998 Bachelor of Arts (Anthropology and English)

University of Queensland, G.P.A: 5.5

Professional Employment

2013 – present Health, Not Diets (own business)

Non-Diet Approach professional development materials informed by own PhD research, including:

  • Workshops for dietitians and other health professionals in the Non-Diet Approach (delivered in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Auckland and regional centres; multiple workshops delivered, 2013 - present)

  • Online courses for dietitians, dietetics students, allied health professionals and researchers in the Non-Diet Approach, Unpacking Weight Science and the Science of Self-Compassion

  • Professional development Podcast ‘Unpacking Weight Science’ with 200+ paid subscribers

  • Authorship of two books based on own PhD research

  • Commissioned workshops and presentations for DAA, Dietitian Connection, Australian Psychological Society, Sports Dietitians Australia, Education in Nutrition, the Association for Size Diversity and Health, Mental Illness Fellowship North Queensland, Women’s Health Queensland Wide.

  • Guest Lectures for Queensland University of Technology, Griffith University, University of the Sunshine Coast and Monash University.

My workshops have been attended by more than 700 health professionals, the online courses have had more than 4000 enrolments and there are more than 2500 of my books in circulation, My free online course for dietetics students has been used by students of Bond University, Deakin University, The University of Sydney, Griffith University, Queensland University of Technology, University of the Sunshine Coast, University of Wollongong, University of Newcastle, Curtin University, Monash University, University of South Australia, Flinders University, Edith Cowan University, La Trobe University, University of Queensland, University of Canberra and international universities. A list of invited presentations is included on pages 5-6.

2008 – 2014 NutritionSense Dietitians and Allied Health (private practice - owner and founder)

Manage successful business with multiple employees. Conduct individual consultations with main practice areas of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, non-diet approach, diabetes, heart disease, pregnancy nutrition.

2013 – 2014 PEACH Program/QUT (part time)

Parent Facilitator and project officer. Facilitator for two groups in the first wave: QUT Kelvin Grove and QUT Caboolture. Produced literature review and recommendations for feasibility of use of automated text messaging to increase parent engagement in the program.

2007 – 2010 The Wesley Hospital, Auchenflower, Brisbane (full time for 12 months then part time)

Clinical Dietitian. Substantial practice in the areas of: Respiratory, Cardiac Rehab, Orthopaedics, Stroke Unit, General Surgery. Co-ordinated and practiced in Wesley Hospital dietetic outpatient service, ‘Dietitians Wesley’

Academic Employment (Teaching and Research)

2017 - 2018 University of the Sunshine Coast (USC)– Marking and Guest Lecturing (contract)

Marking and guest lecturing for ‘Issues in Contemporary Nutrition’

2015 – 2016 Central Queensland University (CQU)– Lecturer (part-time)

Lecturer for ‘Human Nutrition’, ‘Food, Nutrition and Health’ and ‘Nutrition in Practice’ units. These units are part of first and second year of a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences. Duties included development of entirely new lectures, delivery of lectures (using remote technologies) and assignment marking.

2013 – 2015 Queensland University of Technology (QUT)– Research Assistant (part-time)

2013 Teaching and Learning grant investigating readiness for inter-professional learning between QUT students in the School of Nutrition and Exercise Science and School of Dance. Conducted data collection, data analysis and write up phases independently. Outputs: Conference presentation at 2015 Dietitians Association of Australia national conference in Perth, one paper published and two papers (as lead author) about to be submitted for publication. Principal researcher and supervisor: Dr Katherine Hanna.

2008-2014 Queensland University of Technology (QUT)– Lecturer, Unit Coordinator, Clinical Educator

During my long history with QUT I performed many roles including clinical educator and practice coordinator at the QUT Clinics, lecturer and tutor across the Bachelor of Health Science degree (‘Nutrition Science’ and ‘Nutrition and Dietetics’) from first year to final year units and unit coordinator and lecturer of large first year units (200+ students). I independently developed learning materials including a practicum handbook (for PUB628 Advanced Food Studies, a third year unit) and many assessment task sheets, assisted with curriculum and competency mapping for course accreditation, and instigated and embedded original research into a final year unit for which I was lecturer and co-unit coordinator (XNB455 Dietetic Business Management). This research produced two conference presentations (at the DAA national conference in 2015) and one journal article which is currently in development (as lead author). Please see the summary below for more detail. I left QUT when we moved to Central Queensland due to a change in my husband’s employment at the end of 2014.

2008-2019 Summary of university teaching activities

Publications and Conference Contributions (peer reviewed)

2019 Willer, F (2019) ‘Core food variety, body appreciation, intuitive eating and self-compassion in dieting and non-dieting Australian adults.’ (original research oral presentation) DAA National Conference

Willer, F (2019) ‘Is healthier eating associated with weight-neutral or weight-centric use of dietetics strategies?’ (original research poster presentation) DAA National Conference

Willer, F (2019) ‘How closely do weight-centric and weight-neutral dietetic strategies used in the community mirror those recommended by dietitians?’ (original research poster presentation) DAA National Conference

Willer, Fiona, Mary Hannan‐Jones, and Esben Strodl. "Australian dietitians’ beliefs and attitudes towards weight loss counselling and health at every size counselling for larger‐bodied clients." Nutrition & Dietetics (2019).

2017 Willer, F (2017) ‘Dietitians have a positive attitude towards weight-neutral non-diet approaches’ (original research oral presentation) DAA national conference

Willer, F (2017) ‘Preferred weight management approach is strongly related to individual dietitian characteristics’ (poster presentation) DAA national conference

2016 Hanna, K, Hanley, A, Huddy, A, McDonald, M D, and F Willer (2016) Physical activity participation and nutrition and physical activity knowledge in university dance students. Medical Problems of Performing Artists. (In Press)

2015 Willer, F and K Hanna (2015) ‘Readiness for Interprofessional Learning in QUT students of Nutrition Science, Nutrition & Dietetics, Exercise Science & Exercise Physiology’ (oral presentation) DAA national conference

Willer, F and M Hannan-Jones (2015) ‘Business benchmarking in Nutrition and Dietetics: What makes a healthy private practice?’ (original research oral presentation) DAA national conference

Hannan Jones, M and F Willer (2015) ‘Connecting learning and teaching with giving back to the dietetic

community: a win win situation’ (original research oral presentation) DAA national conference

2014 Willer, F and L Adams (2014) The Non-Diet Approach Guidebook for Psychologists and Counsellors (book), 181 pages, ISBN 9781291840063

2013 Willer, F (2013) The Non-Diet Approach Guidebook: a how-to guide for applying the non-diet approach in individual dietetic counselling (book), 127 pages, ISBN 5800094961523

2011 Bauer, J., Bannister, M., Crowhurst, R., Denmeade, S., Horsley, P, McDonald, C., Martineau, J., Willer, F. and S. Ash (2011) nutritionDay: An Australian Hospital’s participation in international benchmarking on malnutrition. Nutrition & Dietetics. 68 (2), 134-139. DOI: 10.1111/J.1747-0080.2011.01513.X

Volunteer Positions

2019-2020 Butterfly Foundation, National Primary School Body Image Project, invited expert committee member

2017-2019 DAA Membership Engagement Advisory Committee (MEAC) position conferred by DAA Board of Directors

2017-2019 QUT Nutrition and Dietetics Curriculum Advisory Group

2017-2018 DAA Corporate Sponsorship Survey Working Group

2016-2018 Elected Vice President International of the Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH), serving on Leadership Committee and Membership Committee

2016-present Administrator of the Society for Australian independent Dietitian-Nutritionists (AIDNSoc)

2018-2019 Treasurer and expert advisory committee member of HAES Australia Inc

2017-2018 Secretary and expert advisory committee member of HAES Australia Inc

2016-2017 President and expert advisory committee member of HAES Australia Inc

2016 Invited reviewer for Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition (PEN) ‘Mindful Eating’ knowledge pathway

2016 Invited reviewer for the ‘Fat Studies Journal’ and ‘Appetite’ scientific journals

2013 – 2016 President of the Association for Non-Diet Approach Research Inc.

2013 – 2015 Metro North Brisbane Medicare Local working party for the adaptation of Map of Medicine™ pathways for

‘Obesity’, ‘Dyspepsia and GORD’ and ‘Irritable Bowel Syndrome’

2011 Co-supervision of QUT dietetics research stream student. Project: Case-mix of private practice dietitians in

Australia to allow comparison with case-mix at QUT Health Clinics Nutrition and Dietetics Clinic.

2011-present Mentoring of various Provisional APDs in the APD Program

2009-2010 Executive member Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) QLD Branch

2004-2007 Executive member QUT Nutrition and Dietetics Students’ Association


2019 Finalist for ‘2019 Dietitian of the Year’, ‘Allied Health Education Excellence’ and ‘Allied Health Impact Achievement’ awards at the 2019 Australian Allied Health Awards

2017 DAA Research Prize recipient for best workshop at the Australia and New Zealand Academy of Eating

Disorders (ANZAED) national conference

2015 Recipient of an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) PhD Scholarship until PhD completion

2012 Recipient of Research Training Scheme funded Masters by Research position (successfully articulated into position in PhD program in May 2015)

2007 Meals on Wheels Nutrition Award recipient

2004 QUT Deans Commendation for high achievement

Professional Memberships

  • Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian (AdvAPD, conferred 2017) with the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA)

  • HAES Expert member with the Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH)

  • Verified Provider with HAES Australia

  • Professional member (MAITD) of the Australian Institute of Teaching and Development (AITD)

  • Australian Independent Dietitian-Nutritionist (AIDN) with the Society for Australian Independent Dietitian-Nutritionists (AIDNSoc)

Education - Short Courses

Teaching & Learning

QUT Academic Development, Sessional Academic Program

Teaching Adult Learners

Queensland University of Technology

Open Universities Australia



Workplace Learning with Coaching and Mentoring

How to Mentor in the Workplace

The Open University (UK)

TAFE Queensland


Project Management


e-Grad School (Australia)

e-Grad School (Australia)

Professional academia

Digital Competencies for Researchers

Public Policy

e-Grad School (Australia)

e-Grad School (Australia)


Dr Esben Strodl

Dr Mary Hannan-Jones

Presentations (invited)

2019 ‘Unpacking Weight Science’

Untrapped Retreat, Uki NSW (presentation for body positive retreat participants)

‘Know Thy (changing) Self’

QUT guest lecture to first year Nutrition and Dietetics Students

Dietetic Masterclass – Complex Case Presentation discussion panel

Queensland Eating Disorder Service (QuEDS), July, invited panellist

‘Weight (Neutral) Science’

Upper Yarra Body Image Group ‘Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover Symposium’, September 2019, invited

‘Health at Every Size in Dietetic Practice’

Provided separately to 3rd year Nutrition and Dietetics students at Queensland University of Technology and Griffith University as 2 hour guest lectures

2018 ‘Weight (Neutral) Science’

Women’s Health Victoria Symposium on Women, Food and their Bodies, Melbourne

‘Weight Neutral Public Health’

Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services

‘Weight (Neutral) Science’

RACGP Fellowship NSW, Sydney (presentation to RACGP NSW Fellows and recent Fellows)

‘Weight Science and Health at Every Size Explainer’

Griffith University, Gold Coast (presentation for 3rd year Nutrition and Dietetics students)

‘HAES and Women’s Liberation’

Centre for Integrative Health (CIFH) (presentation to staff for International Women’s Day, invited)

‘What is a healthy weight?’

QUT Wellness Matters program (presentation to QUT staff, invited)

‘Weight-Neutral Lifestyle Approaches for Health Enhancement’

Megabite Nutrition (online course development, invited)

2017 ‘The case for abandoning weight loss efforts in eating disorder treatment: introducing weight neutral lifestyle approaches’

Australia and New Zealand Academy of Eating Disorders (ANZAED) invited plenary speaker for final conference panel (Sydney)

‘What do iPhones and HAES have in common? The art and science of disseminating weight neutral practices’

EDRDPro webinar (, 60 minutes)

‘Time for a paradigm shift: why you should consider offering weight neutral care to everyone’

Invited speaker at the Australasian Lifestyle Medicine Conference (Sydney, 40 minutes)

‘Why take a weight neutral approach?’

Guest lecture for senior dietetics students delivered separately at Griffith University and University of the Sunshine Coast (1 x 2 hour lecture, 3 x 3 hour workshops)

‘The disembodied and disengaged: are dietitians becoming distanced from the population?”

DAA National Conference, Hobart (2 hour workshop with Fiona Sutherland, APD)

‘Health at Every Size® and the Non-Diet Approach: moving from weight to wellbeing’

Professional Development day for ACT Health, Canberra (lecture/workshop for 120 health professionals)

‘Body Image and the Non-Diet Approach in Dietetic Practice’

South Eastern Sydney Local Health District, Sydney (2 day workshop)

‘The Non-Diet Approach for Dietitians, Self-Compassion and Body Image workshop’

Institute of Urban Indigenous Health, Brisbane (2 day workshop)

2016 ‘Swimming against the tide: how questioning the status quo can lead to better client care’

Dietitian Connection Dietitian Day event, Sydney

‘HAES(R) in eating disorders: a conceptual exploration’

Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH) (webinar, invited speaker)

‘Nutrition, Wellbeing and Body Image for Women’

Mental Illness Fellowship North Queensland (4 hour workshops delivered in three regional Qld towns)

‘Working with Weight Concern: The Non-Diet Approach’

Australian Psychological Society (APS), Sydney (full day workshop for psychologists, invited facilitator)

‘Self-Compassion for Dietitians’

DAA Tasmania Branch, Hobart (4 hour workshop)

‘Why take a weight neutral approach?’

Guest lecture for senior dietetics students delivered separately at Griffith University and Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane and Gold Coast, 2 hour lecture, invited speaker)

‘Body Image and the Non-Diet Approach for Dietitians’

Sports Dietitians Australia – Qld Branch (Brisbane, 2 hour presentation, invited speaker)

2015 ‘Weaving together wisdom: Exploring the evidence for and against the Health At Every Size (HAES)/ non-dieting approach for individuals with eating disorders’

DAA Eating Disorders NSW Interest Group event (Sydney, invited keynote)

‘The Non-Dieting Approach to Health: An Introductory Workshop for Health Professionals’

Eating Disorders and Obesity conference (Gold Coast, 90 minute workshop)

Invited expert panel member for discussion ‘Health at Every Size: Godsend or Curse?’

Eating Disorders and Obesity conference (Gold Coast)

‘Working with Weight Concern: the non-diet approach’

Australian Psychological Society, Albury-Wodonga Branch (full day workshop, invited facilitator)

‘An Introduction to HAES in Dietetic Practice’

QUT guest lecture (60 minute webinar, invited), repeated for Monash University and Griffith University

‘An introduction to Mindfulness, DBT, ACT, MBSR and MBCT for dietetics students’

QUT guest lecture (40 minute webinar, invited)

2014 ‘Integrating HAES into Medical Nutrition Therapy’

Association for Size Diversity and Health (60 minute webinar, invited speaker)

‘Health at Every Size: a gentle and effective way to a healthier lifestyle’

Women’s Health Queensland Wide Inc (60 minute videoconference, invited speaker)

2013 ‘The Non-Diet Approach: why, when and how to integrate it into your practice’

DAA National Conference, Canberra (2 hr workshop)

‘The non-diet approach explained’

Griffith University (2 x 2 hr guest lectures)

‘It’s a gas, gas, gas! FODMAPs and the Low FODMAP Diet explained’

Home Economics Institute of Australia (Qld) State Conference ‘Food! Nutrition! Futures!’ (40 mins, invited)

‘Health at Every Size ®: Implications for dietetic practice’

DAA Qld Branch Networking Evening (45 minute lecture, invited speaker)

‘The Non-Diet Approach to Weight Management’

Education in Nutrition webinar (60 minutes, invited speaker)

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