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If you'd like a live presentation (Zoom or in person) to your workplace, interest group, conference or community of practice, please email me for details
Workshop details can be found at or follow the links above.  


Want to learn in delicious bite-sized chunks? The Unpacking Weight Science Podcast provides 20-30 minute 'explainer' segments to help you understand weight-neutral perspectives, concepts and research, and to help you learn how to unpack weight science for yourself and others. Full show notes, resources and self-test quizzes are included in the Supporting Materials and Pod Courses to provide you with at least 60 minutes of professional development activities.


Designed for health professionals, health science students and anyone who wants to know more than their doctor about human body weight regulation and weight-neutral healthcare for larger-bodied people. 

Selected podcast episodes are available to the public on Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify and other podcast apps. Search your favourite podcast app for 'Unpacking Weight Science'.

For instant access to all the podcast episodes, join the Unpacking Weight Science Podcast Patreon. Members also get first-looks, extras and freebies. Only $5 to join and $5 in months with new content. No new content, no fee!

Online Courses

Self-paced, online courses via Teachable. These courses include video and written materials and include optional assessment if you wish to receive a certificate of completion.
For dietitians and nutrition professionals
  • The Non-Diet Approach for Dietitians
For health and medical professionals and those with an interest in body weight and research
  • Unpacking Weight Science
  • The Science of Self Compassion
For nutrition and dietetics students and complete newbies to size inclusive care
  • Introduction to the Non-Diet Approach (FREE!)
Enrol or browse my courses at 
More information including learning outcomes and assessment at


Guidebooks for applying the Non-Diet Approach in clinical practice.  They include assessment tools, worksheets and rationales for application in consultations with weight-concerned clients.
For dietitians and nutrition professionals
For psychologists, counsellors, social workers and therapists
More details at or follow the links above to the bookstores.
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