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One-on-one Professional Development

Let's make something together!

Got an idea that you'd love to see happen but not sure how to get there? Want some one-on-one training or professional development? Want to try out some professional supervision or mentoring? or to set up a private practice or market your business?

My style of professional supervision and mentoring takes a 'project coaching' approach. Project Coaching is a blend of mentoring, coaching and project management. My approach uses evidence-based mentoring and coaching frameworks, informed by my skills, training and experience in coaching, project management, research, entrepreneurship and pedagogy. We use our time together to develop your ideas, skills, knowledge and confidence towards reaching a specific project goal. It may also include some formal or informal weight-neutral practice and/or weight science learning goals, depending on your needs.

The project coaching process involves you submitting the key issues and context in writing before our session. These issues can be as 'big' or as 'little' as you like. During our session we get to work with discussing implications, overcoming obstacles, building long-term strategy and plan what you'll do before the next session. The number of sessions, frequency and length of the coaching arrangement depends on the project and how much support you want. The nature of project coaching is that at some points you'll probably need more support than at other times. This is absolutely fine with me - I'm flexible enough to adapt to your needs.

Please note that the project coaching I provide is not clinical supervision and we will not discuss what clinical action/s to take in regards to an ongoing individual client/patient case beyond reflecting upon your thoughts and feelings arising from the case. These reactions can be useful for reflecting upon your broad practice strengths and weaknesses, and for contrasting theoretical weight-centric and weight-neutral treatment perspectives.

This service is exclusively for weight-neutral medical, health and fitness professionals (or those who are wanting to be). If your project pathologises body weight or has the goal of weight loss then I'm not the right person to help you!

What you bring:

- an idea, a dream, a project, a practice dilemma, a knowledge gap

Projects could include:

- Starting a private practice

- Developing an innovative product

- Transitioning your private practice from weight centric to weight neutral practice

- Up-skilling in HAES and the Non-Diet Approach (can't make it to a workshop or don't have time to do an online course? Let me train you one-on-one)

- Building competence in a new job role

What you'll get:

- As many one-on-one 50 minute online video coaching sessions as suits you and your needs

- An ongoing project plan, to help you move towards your goal/s

- Professional development hours for your CPD log

How much is it?

I don't like anyone to feel locked in to a process if it doesn't suit them, so the cost is $100 (plus GST) per 50 minute session.

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