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  • Application of evidence based practice (EBM) including shared decision making, informed consent and use of decision aids.
  • Weight bias, stigma and discrimination in health care and how to minimise it in your practice. 
  • Unpacking Weight Science - what weight loss research actually means when it says 'lose weight'.
  • Foundations of the Non-Diet Approach - practice principles including mindful eating and hunger/fullness training.
  • Evidence base for weight-neutral lifestyle approaches (including HAES & Non-Diet Approach).
  • How to measure change if weight isn't so important - measurement tools we should all be using.
  • Self-Compassion for health professionals - learn what it is, how to improve yours and how to influence your patient's.
  • Body image - navigating your own and your patients' body dissatisfaction within your scope of practice.
  • Communicating weight-neutral messages to peers, colleagues and clients- using the science of innovation diffusion and values-based messaging.

How much time will we need?


  • 60-90 mins per topic


  • Full day 1-4 topics

  • Half day 1-2 topics

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